The Southern California MG Club (SCMGC) was established in 1978. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and expanding interest in MG automobile heritage to the enjoyment of these classic British cars. The objectives of SCMGC, in affiliation and cooperation with the various MG National Registers, shall be to: promote the preservation of the MG and its variants as recognized by the National registers, by inspiring and developing each owner’s interest in his/her machine; and to promote the enjoyment of the use and ownership of the machine through tours and fun-type events. Membership is open to anyone, whether or not an MG owner.

  • The Ladies in attendance at the 2016 pool party.

  • Those at the 2016 pool party.

  • San Fernando Valley Area Members at Greystroke.

  • Youths at the Car Show

  • Youth Future Drivers

  • Trophy Winners 2015

  • San Fernando Valley Area Members at Greystroke.

  • Orange County Area Members at Orange, CA.

  • Car 27 1st Place Thanh and car 37 2nd Place Becker

  • Car 35 Howard Bucey 1st Place- car 14 Wertheim

  • Car 24 1st Place Nancy Snipe

  • Car 25 Thanh 1st place - Car 37 Becker 2nd Place

  • Car 20 John Holodnik 1st Place

  • Car 6 Tarkington 2nd place - car 19 Palczewski

  • Car 18 Greg Aden - first place class g

  • Car 3 kaz - Judy Bielinski - 2nd place

  • Car 2 2nd place kaz - judy bielinski

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