Name: Michael SAandling


Comment: I have a 1958 Magnette ZB for sale. anyone interested can call me 818 321-9833


Name: Karin Alfter


Comment: Would appreciate any information on a reliable mechanic in my area.I am in Rialto, San Bernardino/ Riverside area
I have a 1962 MGA



Name: Clifford Kaufholz


Comment: Hello-

While growing up in Pennsylvania I had a BRG MGB w/ tan, then a red MGB w/ tan. Now in California I have a Miata w/ the pop up lights. I have thought that the great car for me to have in Califorinia would be an MGF, not allowed in our State. I have now been informed that after 25 years they are allowed duty free into California and thus will be available to California residents in August of this year. Well, OK, I understand the duty free law, but what about the MGF itself, is a street legal car for California?

Please advise, I’m not clear on the MGF saga.



Name: Harvey Erdle


Comment: I am restoring a 1968 MGB GT. My problem is with the seals for the rear hatch window. The mew ones I’ve tried don’t fit at the top corners and make it impossible to put the finisher pieces into the seal. Is anyone aware of this and have any ideas where I can get a seal that fits. Or have old stock that would fit the opening?


Name: Gayle Peterson


Comment: My 93 year old Mom has a 1952 MG that she would like to be buried in….told her it wouldn’t be fair to the she would like to give it a good home. It has been in her garage for a long time…looks great but needs mechanical work..won’t shift into 4th gear. The gas line and spark plugs have been removed for some time. Any idea what it’s worth?


Name: Mike shreve


Comment: Hi I have a 1973 MGBGT for sale excellent condition stock car new tires brakes white in color Needs a good tuneup very nice car.


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