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Name: Shawn Tate

Comment: Good morning –
I have just submitted my membership application, and I am looking forward to working with an active club.
I have just gotten my ’66 MG Midget from the paint and body shop, and now it is time to take it in for a tune-up / some engine work. I am in Yucca Valley, outside of Palm Springs.
It looks like the Ontario area is the closest address listed in the Links page.
Are there any shops in the Palm Springs area that are creditable? The car does run around the block, and down the road, but it does not do well after it comes all the way to temperature, I will be hauling it down to the shop. I hope to drive it home, but do not trust it on the way down.
Items to be checked / fixed are the carbs, timing/tune-up, breaks and alignment.

I appreciate your input, enjoy your weekend.

Name: David Harrison

Comment: I have a tonneau cover for a 1972 MGB. In excellent condition-car was sold years ago and found in the attic. Anyone interested?