Date: March 19, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM till 11:30 AM.
John Lascano hosted the Armstrong Torqueing Fix-It Tech Session in Bradbury, CA 91008

This session addressed the proper torqueing of the Armstrong hydraulic lever shocks on the front of the MGB.  It is important that the shocks are properly secured and tightened in order to preserve the integrity of the car’s subframe and front suspension. If the bolts are loose or gone all together, the car becomes very unstable and very dangerous during turning.   At this inspection six cars were tested; six cars failed.  Two cars failed extremely poorly; their bolts were so loose that it took up to four turns to properly torque them..  All six cares left the garage area correctly torqued.  This inspection should be done during every oil change and/or tire rotation. 

Club members that attended the session :  Jackie Brion, Ken Brion, , Matt Dabney,  Zelda Davis , Steve Gartner, Jim Heaton , Adam Lombard, Steve Lombard,  John Loscano, Nellie Loscano, Bruce Marrs, , Vivion Rostker, Stan Watson and Bill Willen