Date:             March 19, 2016                  Host:    John Lascano
Time:            8:30 AM till 11:30 AM.      RSVP:    e-mail:
Donation:    $10.00                                               or telephone:  213 272-1981
Place:            2321 Freeborn Street                     Donuts and coffee will be provided.
Bradbury, CA 91008

This tech meeting is a little different than the usual.  This session will address one issue (Armstrong Shocks) and fix loose bolts at the same time.  We will be attacking the Armstrong shocks by making sure that they are secure and torqued correctly.  This is very important for the integrity of your subframe/suspension; this is what keeps the tire, brakes and disc connected to suspension. The Armstrong Shock looks like a robot that sits on the subframe and holds the king pin, connecting to the A frame.  Consider this: if one of the bolts is loose or week, it could result rendering the car immobile in a turn. At the previous Armstrong Tech Session, none of the cars participating “passed” the test without turning the screw. Two cars “failed” the test.  At the end of this tech session, your shocks will be correctly torqued.

RSVP today. Carve three hours out of your Saturday morning and spend it with some club members, and also make sure that your Front End is tight enough for today’s California Roads!


We have received communication from Brian Jones, our Vice President, that he has tendered his resignation from the Southern California MG Club as the result of unforeseen personal and business obligations. Brian indicated that these obligations would necessarily interfere with his ability to support the Club’s events to a degree that he felt was unacceptable. We certainly appreciate the excellent leadership demonstrated by Brian during his tenure.

We are pleased to announce that John Lascano has agreed to fulfill the position of President, and Steve Gartner will take on the responsibility of the office of Vice President.