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Name: Stewart Cook


Comment: Hi. I’m looking for a classic car body shop in the San Fernando valley. My ‘67 MGB got banged up by an F150 last week. 1/4 panel and bumper damage. Thanks In advance. Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations.

Name: David Dusseau


Comment: I inherited a 1976 MG midget.. It does not run and it has not been kept in great shape, but I am curios what it’s value would be if it was completely restored or even as is..

562-714-6442 Cell

Name: C. Castillo

Comment:I am interested in selling my 1959 MGA 1500cc. convertible, in very good condition. Been garaged for years, just needs the gas lines and tank flushed and new batteries. I have the rag top, tonneau cover and side curtains. I don’t know pricing to be able to list it, how can I determine that, can you give me some advice?
I am in Orange County California. Thanks.

Name: Kirk Yost

Comment: I am negotiating for a 1958 MGA coupe for sale at the Beverly Hills Car Club in East LA. However, I am located in Washington, DC. Would any of your members be willing to look at it for me and give me an assessment? I would be happy to compensate that person for their time. Thanks –

Kirk Yost / 703-216-5687

Name: Richard Schnyder

Comment: Hi,
My name is Richard Schnyder and I have a Triumph… I help put on a Cars and Coffee in the south part of Orange County, not THE BIG ONE at San Clemente! Ours is bit more refined. We like vintage sports cars. We keep it small and move the location around a bit. We try to meet around the Laguna Beach and Dana Point area, early on Saturdays, 6:00am to 8:30am, and then many of us go to breakfast. SCMGC Club Members are welcome! We have been doing this for almost 17 years. Please reach out to:
Richard Schnyder 323 333 2666 for more information or to join the next Cars and Coffee event!

Name: Rich Lewis

Comment: Looking for late 70’s MGB . Also interested in finding an MG mechanic who might be able to upgrade engine to 21st centuty. I live in Studio City/San Fernando Valley.

Name: Peter Scrope

Comment: Hi, I purchased a 1952 MG TD at auction in 2017. I understand that the car had spent all it’s life in the US until being returned to the UK in 2015. I have the car’s 2000 California license plates ( IHG 177) (B1826768). The Chassis (TD18863) and Engine (XPAG/TD2/19231) are original. It would be nice to contact any of the US owner(s) of the vehicle since 1952 to discover the early history.
Does anyone have any idea how one might trace them?
Thanks, Peter


Comment: I have a 1953 MGTD that was fully restored by the previous owner including the engine which he
never started. After changing a few wires{NEW LOOM} and doing the carbs I finally got it to
start. However it will not rev up and a mist of gas comes out of the front of the carbs. Set and reset the
valves timing carbs ect. Other than maybe the timing chain is on wrong or wrong gear I have no clue
I am trying not to pull the engine since it has new paint and I dont need the work. Anyone have an
idea about the problem

Name: Michael Morgan

Comment: Hey MGB fans, my family left me a MG roadster in complete disrepair. Thought I’d email and see if there is any interest for parts, etc. It is located in Vista, Ca and will entertain any reasonable offer to pick it up. Cheers!

Name: Scott Norris

Comment: Hi, I live in Venice, CA and I’m looking for some basic info. My father in law lives in a village in Sicily, Italy. He is the owner of a 1957 MG. Unfortunately, he is in poor health (heart disease & dementia). My wife and mother in law would like to sell the MG. They know nothing about cars and I know just slightly more than them. We would like to get a fair price for the car without getting taken/lowballed. I’m hoping you can share with me just the basic information a collector would be looking for so that we can provide proper information to a potential buyer and not waste his/her time.
Also, would you say that the MG community is passionate enough about their cars that they would consider shipping the right car from another part of the world to the US or other international destination? Or would we be better served trying to find a local buyer?

Any information you can share would be helpful.


Scott Norris

Name: William Guzman

Comment: Have free MGB trim Gt and rd aluminum hoods rear axle low mileage since rebuilt and more. Will bring to my house from storage unit next week. No one takes it it goes in the trash.
Please do not call to ask for specific item. Call for address
805-484 1528
Bill G.

Name: Richard Pryor

Comment: Good Morning,

Mike Jacobsen gave me this contact. I was being lazy as I could have looked it up as I am a member of NAMGAR. I finished my long term obsession and have “bits” left over that I would love another MG enthusiast have. Free for the taking, only you have to come to Palm Springs to get them. All are small parts, pieces, fittings, rubber, bolts, etc. I have no desire to do a second car. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Rich Pryor
760 832-6331

Name: Randy Hodgson

Comment: Hi,
I am a new member and am looking for someone in the Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Orange area with a MGB or MGB GT that I can get together with. I have a total ground up project car and would like to get together with someone who has a finished car. I basically have a puzzle without the picture.