MG Story: Kelli

MG Story:

My 1971 MGB (Maggie) was owned by my Dad. He bought it new off of the lot when he was working in San Francisco and living in Burlingame. My Dad must’ve had fast feet to handle shifting on the steep hills of SF! His job moved the family to Ventura County in 1973. So, Mom, Dad and my brother and sister loaded up the green wood paneled station wagon with the MG in tow in 1973 (I arrived in 1974!). I’m 3 years old in the photo below( lt.), ready and obviously overjoyed at the impending drive and time with my Dad. We’d take Sunday drives from Newbury Park, through Hidden Valley to the landing at the lake in Westlake Village and feed the ducks. 

 My sister got the keys to the MG when she turned 16 and drove it until she left for college. Then I got the keys at 16 (picture above rt., day I got my license) until I left for college. 

I still don’t know if was harder to leave my hometown or the car behind. Because, every time I climb into my MG for a drive, I feel as excited as I look in that first photograph!