National Annual Convention 2010

National Convention in  Belleville, Ontario, Canada

The Davis Family (Janet Elvin, Zelda, Maxcine and Arthur) planed their annual family vacation at the 2010 NAMGBR Annual Car Show in Belleville, Ontario, Canada in June.  Elvin will be driving his red 1980 MGB; Maxcine will be driving a 1980 LE. After months of planning and talking, it was decided that Zelda will fly into Detroit instead of driving her 1974 1/2 Roadster from Los Angeles to Detroit, and then onto Belleville.  Zelda drove Elvin’s 1978 MGB (better known as GANG GREEN).  Gang Green has seats with speakers about where your ears would rest on the headrest.  The sound was magnificent.

The Davis caravan traveled north from Detroit to Port Huron and was joined by other travelers from Michigan and Indiana.  Once the bridge into Sarnia we picked up other Winsor club members along the way, and continue on to Belleville.

Maxcine has had her 1980 LE for two years.  The exterior needed a little work, the car had some rust and the wheels were simply terrible.  The interior was OK but needed a little attention.  This year the LE got a paint job.  She couldn’t find 14″ wheels so she decided to refinish the existing wheels.  Needless to say, the restored wheels turned out better than any wheel she could have purchased.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Boot ‘n Bonnet Club, the local British Car Club, hosted the BBQ before the official opening reception party.

On Friday, Zelda and Elvin will be participating in the Speed Consistency Test at Friday’s Track Day at Shannonville.  The committee for National 2010 published that they are totally “gobsmacked” regarding the lack of track-day registrations.  Track day had slots for 60 cars; only 35 drivers committed to the event.