North Meet South 4-29-16

North Meets South 4-29-16

Riverview Park & Marriot Hotel

I applaud this event!

Paradise British club put on a very good event, and show and a great park to have it in, it’s called,River View Park!
There were four clubs involved in this event Paradise British club, Sorry Safari club, out of San Francisco, and also San Diego MG Club and of course SCMGC. The show was well organized, and the food was good too.

Moving into the evening for the banquet dinner.
This too, was a good turnout.
There were many members that dressed the part of looking like the 40s.
The military look was a portion of that 40s dress up as well!
backed by 40s music as well, wartime songs was a  big hit with dancing too.
Jim Bull took the floor periodically thru the evening with great humor.
We moved into the award portion of the evening, for the early voting on the car show.
All clubs had a few of their members that received a award/trophy
Three members in our club received an award!
ALLAN & Diane Werthiem won 3rd place with their 1951 TD! Jay & gale Cohen won 2nd place with their 1980 MGB LTD!
John & Nelly Lascano
Won 1st place with their 1969 MGB!

As president of SCMGC I would like to thank Jim & Karen Bull, Lauren & Luisa Cuthbert and Larry Long for their creative & innovated show and banquet Dinner.
I also would like to personally apologize for running over your Protractor
When they called me up for my award I thought I might get handed a DMV Handbook.