Santa Clarita – Lake Hughes

We met at the Burger King at Exit 167 off Interstate 5 It was an impressive sight to enter the parking lot and see all of those MGs, an Alfa Romero and a Lotus. All told, there were thirteen cars departing for this 65 mile journey. Jim pulled out his speaker and microphone and gave driving instructions for the first leg.

We pulled out of the parking lot heading for “The Old Road,” we all managed to make it through all of the traffic lights without stopping. Bystanders waved at the group as we passed. The route allowed us to travel north without driving on Interstate 5.

We had the one lane road to ourselves after we drove under the 5 highway. There was a line of shiny little cars taking the gentle curves and on a slight upward grade. The hillside is orange and dry looking. The day was pleasant and warm. The curves in the road on this segment of the run were deceiving. Just when you thought the curve would straighten out, it didn’t. The challenge was to focus on the road and take little looks at the hillside. Meanwhile, the view was magnificent.

The 2nd Leg – Break into fast and slow drivers

We stopped at a large pull out, stretched our legs and enjoyed looking at Lake Hughes. Jim instructed that fast drivers to go first and the second group would be the slower drivers. Amazingly, only Bill stepped up to leave the area first. Zelda was the last to leave as the clean-up car. The cars were spaced out enough to allow a driver to feel like the only one on the road. The clean-up car caught up with the pack pushing in the stragglers. We all arrived at the Rock Inn safely. The multiple 15 MPH curves were a lot of fun to negotiate.

3rd Leg – Half way – Rock Inn

On the third leg of the run, Jim said “we will have lunch at the Backwoods Inn. They are expecting us. Use your maps and follow the directions. If you miss a turn, turn around and go back. There is no alternate to the roads we will be traveling.”

4nd Leg of the Trip

On this leg, turning a corner resulted in a beautiful view of Lake Elizabeth. The view is just beautiful, the way the sky bounced off the lake’s surface, but the lake level was low.

This leg of the trip had different types of turns in the canyons. We went right, right, left, right, left right. It was a thrill to travel. When the left turn was made, our leader stopped to be sure everyone made the turn and off we went. The only thing to think about was what to have for lunch.

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Those participating in the drive.

JIM HEATON (friend Al) Host Don & Becky Thompson Sally & Tom Voytko Adam & Steve Lombard Joe & Greg Siam Tanny & Jane O’Haley Zelda Davis Bill Willen Terri Erlich Abby Wanamaker Tom & Denise Talkington Carl Palczewski Grant & Ann Hill Jay Cohen Steve Gartner (Lunch only)