Tech Session 2010

Tech Session April  2010

Well it’s Friday, February 19th and the weatherman is calling for rain tonight and Saturday.  No!  It can’t be, we have our tech car inspection tomorrow at The Chequered Flag.   Yes, you guessed right, the weatherman was wrong.  On Saturday the streets were dry and sky was blue and in typical California style a lot of MG’s arrived with their tops down.   Members started arriving at 8:00 am and were greeted with hot coffee and donuts.   We had 13 people attend the event and 7 cars were put on the rack for inspection.   Some of the findings were as follows:  leaking wheel cylinders, rear seals, torn steering boots, leaking water pumps and other things.  It’s amazing what’s going on under our cars.   When the event was over a few of us went to the Munch Box to have chilly burgers and fries. What a way to end a perfect Saturday.   A big thank you to Joe Siam, owner of The Chequered Flag for all his hard work making this a successful event.