Tech Session of March 6, 2016

On Saturday, March 5th, 2016, we had our first tech session in the San Fernando Valley Area and lunch. The event was hosted by Steve Gartner.  It was a morning of kicking tires and staring at the underbellies of our treasured MGs.  When you think about it most people take care of the body of the car, like washing and waxing, but forget that time and miles take their tolls on what underneath.  At this tech session, the car is placed on a lift and hoisted up.  Our host and expert MG mechanic, Joe Siam, meticulously starts his inspection of the vehicle from the back to the front.  He inspects the underside for what is and is not expected.  My inexperienced eye looks to see if it’s wet.  Joe’s experienced eye and hands start at the rear bumper then follow the gas tank, differential housing, rear axle and U-joints before moving to the engine and gearbox. He usually finds all kinds of interesting items that need attention, both for safety and for keeping the car in good driving condition.  At the middle of the car, he is checking for loose transmission mounts and for leaks.  Forward, he checks the motor for more leaks and then checks the front suspension, including kingpins or ball joints, bushings and steering rack boots.  Once the owner has written down his MG do-list, Joe lowers the car and removes one front and one rear wheel.  The brakes and pads are given a visual inspection for thickness and dryness.  His theory is, what is wrong with one wheel is wrong on the other side.  Finally, Joe opens the bonnet and points out anything else that he believes needs attention.  Almost everyone came away with lots of to-dos!

After the tech inspection was over, there was a threat of rain so lunch the outdoor Munch Box was not an option.  The group had a meal at the Los Toros Mexican Restaurant.  Yes, the food was good.  The bean dip was marvelous!

Welcome back to Tanny O’Haley.  He rejoined the club and has agreed to help with planning future driving events.

The next tech session is being planned by John Lascano.  The topic:  Armstrong Shock Test.

Those in attendance at the March 5, 2016 Tech Session were: Jim Heaton, Zelda Davis, Tanny O’Haley, John Lascano, Tom Talkington, Bevan ‘Smitty’ Smith, Dan McLean, Art Luciani, Richard Linn, Abby Wanamaker, Adam Lombard, Steve Gartner and Bill Willen.